Meeting Room in Abuja

Welcome to the best meeting room in Abuja.


Part of The Nordic Villa’s purpose is to facilitate meetings between interesting people from different regions of the world. To aid in this we have meeting facilities available.


The Meeting Rooms features:

  • Free WI-FI
  • 60 inch flatscreen that connects to your laptop
  • Advanced Skype conference call system
  • White board
  • Flip chart
  • Wonderful surroundings and Nordic atmosphere


Should you require catering, we can accommodate for that too. Call us for more information.


To book, please go to

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As much as we hope you’ll hold your next meeting in our meeting room in Abuja at Nordic Villa, we  have a few thoughts on meetings in general.


A few things to consider before booking a meeting room in Abuja could be:

  • Can the meeting be done on a conference call?
  • Is it necessary to book a meeting for more than an hour?
    • at Nordic Villa you can book by the hour – no nonsense about having to book half day or full day when a meeting can often be overwith in an hour or two.
  • Should you have catering for the meeting?


A few things that can make your meeting more effective is to e.g. book a meeting room in Abuja away from the office building. Get out of the house so to speak. Once you’re out of the house you’re more likely to be more efficient as you need to get back to the office.


  • Being in new surroundings can make a positive impact on your mindset and most likely decision making.
  • When meeting with other companies, being on neutral grounds can turn out to be an advantage.
  • You’re paying to book the meeting room in Abuja so you’re more likely to prioritise being on time and making full value of the time booked


We have been inspired by this Harvard Business Review article about how meetings can often be avoided. Also this article about how to think about your team’s time.


All the above being said – you are most welcome to book your next meeting room in Abuja at Nordic Villa and we will do our very best to make sure you have an efficient and good meeting.

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